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wpc hollow decking

  • Category: WPC Decking
  • MOQ:200m2 each colors
  • Length:2.4m/3m or Customized
  • Material:50% wood flour, 35-40% plastic (HDPE), 10-15% others add
  • Thickness:Above 18mm
  • Product description:Surface Treatment:Embossing/Sanding/Brushing Certificates:ISO9001 / ISO14001 / CE Installation:Hidden Fastener System

WPC hollow decking refers to a type of decking board that consists of a hollow core. It is made using a wood-plastic composite (WPC) material, which combines wood fibers or flour with plastic polymers. The hollow core design creates a lightweight and economical decking option.

The hollow core of WPC decking boards serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it reduces the weight of the boards, making them easier to handle and install. Additionally, the hollow core allows for airflow and drainage, which helps in preventing moisture buildup and potential damage to the boards over time.

WPC hollow decking boards offer several advantages. They are durable and resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage. They are also low maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep compared to traditional wood decking. They are moisture-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor environments exposed to rain, humidity, and other weather elements.

In terms of installation, WPC hollow decking boards are usually installed using a hidden fastening system or traditional screws. They provide a smooth and splinter-free surface for comfortable outdoor enjoyment. The lightweight nature of the boards also makes them a cost-effective option for decking projects.

It's important to note that while WPC hollow decking has its advantages, it may not be as strong and rigid as solid decking boards. Therefore, it may not be suitable for heavy use or areas with high foot traffic. Additionally, the hollow core may produce some noise when walked upon.

Overall, WPC hollow decking is a popular choice for outdoor decking due to its lightweight design, durability, low maintenance requirements, and resistance to moisture and insect damage.

1. Dimensional stability, longevity, natural feel
2. Stable over a wide temperature range, weather-resistant
3. High impact resistant
4. Environmentally friendly, recyclable
5. Board range of finishes and appearance
6. Easily produced and easily fabricated
7. Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives
8. Resistance to rot and crack
9. Moisture resistant, low flame spread
10. Outstanding screw and nail retention

WPC decking can be used in a variety of scenarios, both residential and commercial. Here are some common usage scenarios for WPC decking:

1. Outdoor decks and patios: WPC decking is commonly used to create outdoor areas for relaxation and entertainment. It can be installed around swimming pools, on terraces, or as a platform for outdoor furniture.

2. Balconies and rooftops: WPC decking is a popular choice for balconies and rooftop spaces. Its durability and resistance to weathering make it ideal for areas exposed to the elements.

3. Boardwalks and walkways: WPC decking is often used to create boardwalks, walkways, and pathways in parks, gardens, and other public spaces. Its slip-resistant properties and low maintenance requirements make it a practical choice for high-traffic areas.

4. Commercial and hospitality settings: WPC decking is commonly used in commercial spaces such as restaurants, cafes, and hotels. It can create a stylish and inviting outdoor seating area for customers.

5. Residential gardens and landscapes: WPC decking can be used to transform a residential garden or landscape. It can be used to create seating areas, decking platforms, or even raised garden beds.

6. Pool areas: WPC decking is a popular choice for pool areas because it is resistant to water, chlorine, and other pool chemicals. Its non-slip surface also adds an extra level of safety around the pool.

7. Marinas and docks: WPC decking is often used in marinas and docks due to its resistance to water, rot, and decay. It provides a stable and durable surface for boats and waterfront structures.

These are just a few examples of the many usage scenarios for WPC decking. Its versatility, durability, and low maintenance requirements make it suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications.



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